Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Favorites! Emotional Edition!

Happy Friday friends! This has been one emotional week! 

From a contract on our house, my one and only son graduating and preparation for a graduation party!

I'm so excited and proud of my boy! He's going places! :)

Here are a few things that has been happening!

My baby boy is now a graduate! He had his Class of 2015 school graduation on Wednesday evening. It didn't hit me until Thursday night. And then, it hit me like a tons of bricks! 

This is his PreK graduation and his Senior portrait! 

For breakfast I've been searching for something good for me and a little sweet. I have a sweet tooth in the mornings. I researched food and burn fat. Grapefruit came up in the search quite often. I've been eating grapefruit, bananas, rye toast with almond butter & honey drizzle. It's Delish! 

My Lab is just 5 months old. This is the 6th pair of shoes (of mine) he has ruined! And you know that nice Pottery Barn solid wood coffee table?…Keep scrolling :(

Okay, I'm addicted! These little boxes are packed full of delicious flavor! They are a must try! 

They are perfect for on the go snacks, school lunches, beach trips and much more. 

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Most pouches aren't more than 150 calories. Perfect snack!

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